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    For press inquiries, please contact wudlife@sspr.com

    "If you're looking for a completely unique case in every sense of the word, then check out the new RÖK collection from WÜDlife. These cases are made with real rock and I have to say: they're pretty damn cool."

    by Marc Lagace from AndroidCentral.com

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    "The RÖK cases not only look good, they have the benefit of being anti-slip…. now when I switch back, briefly, to a different case, that feels odd to me. It’s amusing how quickly we adapt to change."

    by Wayne Williams from BetaNews.com

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    "Dang, these are pretty nice."

    by Tim-o-tato from Droid-Life

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    Press release: WÜD Life Unveils First-of-its-Kind, Authentic Stone Phone

    VIRGINIA BEACH, Va., June 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --  WÜD Life, the creators of American-made technology accessories inspired by nature, has just released its RÖK collection, authentic slate stone cases for Apple, Samsung, Google and LG phones. These handcrafted cases are now available for purchase on the WÜD Life website.
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