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    Phone Life.

    What do you love about your phone? Sleek, engineered, beautifully designed… a technology mecca carried around in your hands everyday. But, the majority of cell phone cases don’t excite people as much as their phones. Our aim is to add to the phone’s design and beauty, not subtract. That’s why we created WÜD.

    WÜD Life.

    Your phone is a piece of art, your case should be too.  We were able to accomplish that goal by using exotic and stabilized burl wood as the main staple of our brand. Our burl wood is carefully crafted over a period of 4 weeks and our exotic woods are sourced from all over the world. Each piece gets sanded and polished until the natural features are revealed. The result is a unique piece of art made from nature.

    Your Life.

    We start and end our days with our phones. Throughout your day when you look down and see a your phone case, you’ll see all the fragments of nature brought together and molded into a masterpiece. Take with you wherever you go, a piece of art specific to you and hand selected by us.